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10 simple questions to ask your doctor

I’d recommend asking some questions or learning about your doctor before you start treatment. Here are some simple questions and the answers you should expect to hear from a specialist orthodontist.

  1. Are you a qualified Orthodontist?

Orthodontist answer: YES

  1. How many patients do you treat with braces or invislign each week?

Orthodontist answer: I treat hundreds of patients each week with braces and Invisalign

  1. Where did you learn to do orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontist answer: At university after I studied and completed my dentistry degree.

  1. How long was your orthodontic course?

Orthodontist answer: 3-5 years

  1. Do you have specially trained staff to assist with my treatment?

Orthodontist answer: Yes, this is an important part of my service to patients.

  1. Do you perform a thorough diagnosis, and will I be given a treatment plan in advance?

Orthodontist answer: YES, this ensure treatment goes to plan.

  1. Do you have access to the latest technology, products and treatment methods?

Orthodontist answer: Yes I invest both time and money in training myself and my staff each year on better more efficient treatment methods for my patients.

  1. Do you work with other specialists if I needed treatment you are not an expert in?

Orthodontist answer: Absolutely, I have a team of specialists that I work with regularly to treat many patients.

  1. Do braces or Invisalign cost more with you?

Orthodontist answer: NO, because my clinic specialises in orthodontics, our staff and offices are fully equipped to deliver treatment efficiently and we pass these savings on to our patients.

  1. If I don’t need orthodontic treatment will you tell me?

Orthodontist answer: YES, Absolutely. We understand that even the best treatment is still costly and takes time. If we can save you from going through treatment we will certainly give you that advice.

How do you feel when you smile?

“Being a guy I’m embarrassed to see someone and not sure what to ask. My teeth have always bothered me, but I know if I can have a great smile it will change so many things for me.”
Paul, 25, QLD

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