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The Orthodontic Adviser, hears two common requests over and over again from adult’s wanting to improve their smile, I want invisible treatment and I want fast treatment.

Invisalign has taken care of the invisible request (well nearly invisible), the clear aligners being the treatment of choice for over 3 million people world wide. But quicker treatment has not always been on the table with Invisalign. For various reasons traditional braces are generally accepted to be more effective at moving teeth, so patients are often given shorter expected treatment times than with Invisalign. As a patient you may be have to choose between invisible or faster.

Now there is a new player in the mix helping to enhance the use of Invisalign and other aligner treatment called AcceleDent. AcceleDent is a small, and simple to use, hands free device that applies gentle micro pulses to your teeth and gums. The company claims that using AcceleDent for 20 minutes a day will speed up the bone remodelling process around your teeth and allow the tooth bed to be moved faster and safely. To use AcceleDent, one would wear their Invisalign tray and place the small device in your mouth holding it between your teeth while it gently vibrated for 20mins. Sounds easy? Well, from all reports it is.

The company claims safe and fast tooth movement and while the clinical evidence is limited and somewhat contradictory the anecdotal reports from consumers is overwhelming favourable.

Reviews from consumers include a range of benefits inline with the company claims.

What consumers are saying,

  • Able to change aligners faster, every 5-7 days rather than 14 days.
  • Faster overall treatment
  • Reduced pain and discomfort when changing aligners
  • simple and easy to use

The down falls are,

  • none or limited clinical evidence
  • if your treatment plan is poor then your results will be compromised over the short and long term
  • expensive and not resale-able

What we recommend,

  • always have a specialist orthodontist provide your treatment
  • a proper diagnosis and accurate treatment plan will be the biggest contributor to treatment time
  • choose a specialist based on reputation and experience

The clinical proof may follow, but even if it doesn’t the fact that consumers seem to be getting great results will likely see more and more adults searching for AcceleDent to help speed up their treatment. Even if it only works because patients are more compliant with their Invisalign, I guess that must be a good thing. Perhaps think about AcceleDent like a personal trainer for your teeth. If you have a little left in your budget and time ticking, then why not give it a go. Ask your orthodontist about AcceleDent when you’re getting started, this way you can get the full benefits and may be able to pay it off over the course of your treatment.

Choose your own beautiful

Choose your own beautiful

Choose your own beautiful

It is undeniable that the topics of beauty and body image are thrust into our lives daily, whether we realise it all the time or not. It may be the fashion magazines as we walk by our local newsagent, bill boards emblazoned with beautiful people seen on our drive to work or our friend touting the latest weight loss program offering a ‘quick fix’. More often than not, we grow accustomed to this barrage of daily reminders about what society and our peers view as universally beautiful – what the ideal size of our body parts should be, how long our hair should be this season, which clothing label will make us look more successful.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for personal betterment, emotionally, mentally and also physically. I just believe in creating my own ideals of beauty, taking bits and pieces from that daily barrage and fine tuning it to suit my life, my lifestyle and my own personal beliefs on beauty. Our body image is our attitude – how we see ourselves, how we think and feel about the way we look and how we think others perceive us. And there’s a lot to navigate around to develop this healthy image and in turn consider ourselves beautiful.

So back to that fashion magazine in the newsagent – I love flicking through it! For me I love being inspired by new trends and checking out the creativity behind the fashion industry. I just ignore the articles titled ‘how to achieve the ideal summer body’ and ignore the excessive photoshopping and take the parts that appeal and apply to me.

Same goes for that billboard with the gorgeous model selling makeup. To me, the best part of her makeup is the smile she’s wearing. To me, that’s something important I connect with about my image. I’m not interested in the latest eye shadow colour or how to accentuate my cheekbones but I do value a great smile and straight teeth.

As for those quick fix diet pills that friend is touting, I much prefer clean eating, regular exercise and limiting my stress levels for maintaining the health of my body. But each to their own! To me, it comes down to working out what is important to my own well-being as a whole – emotionally, mentally and physically. It is essential to filter these inevitable outside influences and develop my own ideals to suit me individually. This in turn creates the best possible version of myself, against my own scale and my unique ideals, and therefore creating someone inherently beautiful.

Nothing in life is free…wrong.

Nothing in life is free…wrong.

Nothing in life is free… wrong.

You’ve probably heard the quote ‘nothing in life is free’, well we’re here to tell you differently. The Orthodontic Adviser is about connecting you, our client, with current information, helpful assessments and reputable orthodontists, all at no cost to you. We provide a service that is about offering one point of reference if you’re researching or considering orthodontic treatment.

There is so much information available in this technological age that it is sometimes hard to know where to start and who to trust. We offer a free service to eliminate these issues and provide you with answers and direction.

The Orthodontic Adviser aims to provide you with the most current information and access to the best orthodontists available to make sure you receive the best service and treatment. So in this instance, The Orthodontic Adviser is offering you a helping hand, so take us up on our offer to provide you with this free service. Complete the smile profile and get your personal smile assessment all for free.

Considering Invisalign or braces? You need to know this!

Considering Invisalign or braces? You need to know this!

What do you know about Orthodontics? Is there more to it then just straight teeth? Absolutely and you should see a doctor with the proper training.

Orthodontists undertake 2-3 more years training than dentists to ensure they are properly skilled to deliver you the best and safest treatment. An orthodontist takes a holistic approach to your smile to ensure you get the best aesthetics and long term results.   Here’s nice clip to explain what an orthodontist really does for you.

It’s easy to understand why you should receive treatment from a specialist orthodontist.

Remember you don’t need a referral to seen an orthodontist.  Simply contact us at The Orthodontic Adviser and we can help connect you to a specialist orthodontist.

EOFY! Are you ready to start treatment?

EOFY! Are you ready to start treatment?

Yes, it’s nearly June and the end of financial year is going to be here before we know it. So what does this have to do with fixing your smile? Many health funds operate on a financial year calendar while others operate on a normal calendar year from January to January.  This means if you start your orthodontic treatment before June 30 you can lodge a claim in this financial year and next.  Once June 30 passes you may miss out on claiming rebates that you’re entitled too.

Did you also know that some health funds will pay a higher rebate when you receive treatment from a qualified orthodontist.  That’s right, only an orthodontist is qualified to do orthodontic treatment. Don’t risk your smile and find a trusted orthodontist!

So get your treatment started before June 30 to make the most of your health cover. The sooner you start, the sooner you finish and will be smiling with confidence.

Are you too busy to make an appointment? Simply enquire online and create a Smile Profile including a short video of your mouth. With your Smile Profile our expert advisers will give you a FREE treatment plan.  You will then know, your best treatment options, how much it will cost and learn about the flexible, interest free payment arrangements we offer.

Why use The Orthodontic Adviser?

  • We are free and convenient
  • All our doctors are qualified orthodontists
  • Our doctors offer interest free flexible payment options

How do you feel when you smile?

“Being a guy I’m embarrassed to see someone and not sure what to ask. My teeth have always bothered me, but I know if I can have a great smile it will change so many things for me.”
Paul, 25, QLD

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