Benefits of orthodontic treatment

Some of the benefits


First impressions count and your smile always says a lot about you, so let’s make it beautiful. If you’re not proud of your smile than this can really impact your confidence. Aesthetics are a major reason children, teens and adults of all ages seek out orthodontic treatment, but not the only one.

Orthodontic treatment isn’t just about your teeth and jaw, receiving orthodontic treatment can have many long term oral health benefits as well.

Look good & be healthy

Not only will your smile look nicer but it will be healthier too. Cleaning and flossing crowded or crooked teeth can be tricky. You can quickly develop gum disease that will cause your gum to gradually recede. Your gums act as bed for your teeth and protect the roots. Without healthy gums the roots of your teeth become exposed and damaged and your teeth will fall out.

Preventative approach

Correcting how teeth fit together can prevent ongoing damage and excessive wear to the tooth surface and absorption of the roots. Repairing damaged and worn teeth late in life can be very costly or impossible.


Not only does treatment help inside your mouth, it also impacts how you lips and even you face can look, so you can smile with confidence


We’re all living longer so our teeth need to last and why not have them looking great as well


When we look good, we feel good as well. Get the smile you want and the confidence you deserve


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How do you feel when you smile?

“When I smile, I know my teeth aren’t straight, so I smile with my mouth closed. I always feel awkward in photos, my confidence has left me and I just don’t know where to start.”
Sue, 33, VIC

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