Children’s braces, a dentist or an orthodontist?

Children’s braces, with a dentist, or an orthodontist, and why? The Orthodontic Adviser gets 100’s of enquiries based around a simple question about children’s braces, with a dentist, or see an orthodontist? The Australian Society of orthodontics has... read more

Dental Monitoring

What If you could see your orthodontist without actually seeing your orthodontist? New to orthodontics is a technology called Dental Monitoring. This revolutionary software is going to allow your doctor and you, to stay in communication about your treatment without... read more

The Value of Orthodontics

Whether it is Invisalign or braces, what is the value of having orthodontic treatment? Lets start in the youngest age bracket, children and teenagers. Prevention is better than cure, and children as young as 6 should visit their orthodontist. Treating any type of... read more

The Treatment Plan and Invisalign

Invisalign is now widely used and seen as an integral part of orthodontic treatment especially for adults. But what really gets you the results you want, and in the most effective time, is the treatment plan.

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The Orthodontic Adviser, hears two common requests over and over again from adult’s wanting to improve their smile, I want invisible treatment and I want fast treatment.

Invisalign has taken care of the invisible request (well nearly invisible), the clear aligners being the treatment of choice for over 3 million people world wide. But quicker treatment has not always been on the table with Invisalign.

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Choose your own beautiful

It is undeniable that the topics of beauty and body image are thrust into our lives daily, whether we realise it all the time or not. It may be the fashion magazines as we walk by our local newsagent, bill boards emblazoned with beautiful people seen on our drive to work or our friend touting the latest weight loss program offering a ‘quick fix’. More often than not, we grow accustomed to this barrage of daily reminders about what society and our peers view as universally beautiful – what the ideal size of our body parts should be, how long our hair should be this season, which clothing label will make us look more successful.

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Nothing in life is free…wrong.

Nothing in life is free… wrong.

You’ve probably heard the quote ‘nothing in life is free’, well we’re here to tell you differently. The Orthodontic Adviser is about connecting you, our client, with current information, helpful assessments and reputable orthodontists, all at no cost to you. We provide a service that is about offering one point of reference if you’re researching or considering orthodontic treatment.

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Considering Invisalign or braces? You need to know this!

What do you know about Orthodontics? Is there more to it then just straight teeth? Absolutely and you should see a doctor with the proper training.

Orthodontists undertake 2-3 more years training than dentists to ensure they are properly skilled to deliver you the best and safest treatment. An orthodontist takes a holistic approach to your smile to ensure you get the best aesthetics and long term results. Here’s nice clip to explain what an orthodontist really does for you.

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EOFY! Are you ready to start treatment?

Yes, it’s nearly June and the end of financial year is going to be here before we know it. So what does this have to do with fixing your smile? Many health funds operate on a financial year calendar while others operate on a normal calendar year from January to January. This means if you start your orthodontic treatment before June 30 you can lodge a claim in this financial year and next. Once June 30 passes you may miss out on claiming rebates that you’re entitled too.

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My mum treated herself and got braces

My mum continues to amaze me with her can do attitude and selfless approach to life. My mum, like some other mums I’m sure, has always put everyone else before herself. I’m yet to be a mother, but I already know the bar has been set very high. Not that mum makes a big deal about how much she does, quite the opposite actually. I’m sure she doesn’t realise for a minute how incredibly helpful and selfless she really is. Mum and dad ran their own business and everything they earned went into ensuring my brother and I had plenty of opportunities in life. As parents, their needs went way down on the priority list well after their teenage kids.

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Should I quit sugar for my teeth?

Sugar is more prevalent in our diets than ever before and this has been recently highlighted in the movie, I Quit Sugar.

The health problems caused by sugar are known, but what is the effect on our teeth?

Sugar has a leading role in causing tooth decay. The bacteria that forms plaque uses sugar as its energy source causing it to multiply faster then grow larger and thicker around the tooth surface.

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Easter is nearly here!

Easter is very nearly here (so quick!) and you’re probably looking forward to all sorts of easter treats. And while Easter can be a time for indulgence, it’s sometimes all too easy for our oral hygiene to take a back seat to, travelling, camping, hot cross buns and chocolate eggs!

So with Easter only a month away here are some easy tips.

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How lingual braces may affect your speech?

Whilst the benefits of lingual braces are obvious, unlike braces which attach to the front of the teeth, lingual are attached on the back and can sometimes cause patients to lisp and may take a little bit of getting used to.

But practice makes perfect

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Your new smile and its benefits

Once you have your new smile what are some of the other benefits apart from looking great!

1. Smiling is contagious
Because of complex brain activity that occurs when you see someone smiling, smiles are contagious. Just seeing one person smiling activates the area of your brain that controls your facial movement, which leads to a grin.

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7 facts about orthodontics

1. It’s Always Best to See a Specialist – Some dentists provide orthodontics but it is always best to see a qualified specialist orthodontist. In Australia specialist orthodontists have undergone at least three additional years of training after qualifying as dentists.

2. Braces Aren’t Just for Children – The past few years have seen a rapid growth in the number of adults having orthodontic treatment in Australia.

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How do you feel when you smile?

“When I smile, I know my teeth aren’t straight, so I smile with my mouth closed. I always feel awkward in photos, my confidence has left me and I just don’t know where to start.”
Sue, 33, VIC

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