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Braces are a tested, trusted and proven method to straighten your teeth. While much is the same, many more things are different. New products and technology have kept braces at top of treatment ladder. Braces look much better than they used too, they are smaller and sit flatter on your teeth. When you visit your orthodontist you will have the option to select clear plastic, ceramic or metal braces. Depending on your taste and budget you may choose a clearer option over traditional metal.

With new products, treatment with braces not only looks better but is also more comfortable than days gone by. Braces are small attachments that are fitted on the front of your teeth. A wire is then placed into the braces on the upper and lower teeth. The braces act as a handle on your tooth for the wires to move your teeth gradually and gently to their new position. The wires are accurately adjusted by your orthodontist over scheduled visits until your teeth are in the final position.

Braces Advantages

  • SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE: Braces are suitable for every patient requiring orthodontic treatment
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Braces are usually the most economically choice and while delivering great results
  • FIXED TREATMENT: Braces are fixed to your teeth for the duration of treatment. You can’t be tempted to leave them off unlike other removable treatment options such as Invisalign
  • STAGED TREATMENT: Treatment can be staged and planned according to your child’s growth and development and can prevent the need for complicated treatment later in life

Braces Disadvantages

  • AESTHETICS: Braces on the front of you teeth can be seen easily
  • CLEANING: Maintaining good oral hygiene can be challenging. You need to be dedicated to flossing around your braces and wires daily and visit your dentist for regular cleans

How to get the most from braces


Depending on the complexity and your age, treatment typically ranges from 18 to 24 months. Braces are the most reliable type of treatment for highly complex problems. Your orthodontist may combine braces with other treatment options to give you the best results. Not only are braces the most reliable they are also economical and widely available. This doesn’t mean its ok to just trust anyone with your care.

Who you see will have a big impact or your experience and your result. There are many different ways to provide treatment with braces so you should select carefully. The experience and training of your provider are important and a big reason why you should select an accredited orthodontist to provide your care. A dentist hasn’t had the specialist training and doesn’t have the experience a qualified orthodontist has.

The Orthodontic Adviser doctors are in the business of looking after teeth, so wherever possible, will not perform extractions. Our doctors are also all accredited orthodontists and have reputations among their peers for quality results. Learn more about our doctors on our profile page.

Popular Brands


ICE Clear Braces are one of the leading ceramic braces brands with their patented sapphire material making Inspire ICE the only crystal-clear braces available. They’re not only discreet, they’re virtually invisible. Made with a patented smoothing process, Inspire ICE is made with the patient in mind providing maximum comfort. Being the only crystal clear bracket in the market they will have less impact on your busy and active lifestyle.

SPEED Braces are discreet self-ligating, friction free brackets. Designed over 30 years ago, they are considered to be best in the class. SPEED Braces allow your orthodontist to move your teeth efficiently, making treatment faster and often with fewer appointments. The SPEED system uses a unique bracket design and ‘Spring Clip’ when securing itself to the wire. SPEED Braces have been designed approximately 1/3 smaller than conventional braces making them a comfortable choice too. While not a clear design, the small size makes them a popular choice.

Clarity braces are a clear alternative to traditional metal braces. The ceramic material is clear and closely resembles the colour of the tooth. Smaller and less visible than traditional metal braces, they are a great choice when trying to keep your regular braces treatment discrete. Clarity Advanced ceramic brackets still offer great strength for their size and profile, while the dome shape and smooth edges also give greater comfort too.


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