Damon Braces

Damon Braces


Damon Braces are an innovative orthodontic system with many advantages over older traditional bracket designs.


A holistic approach: The Damon system combines three key components to deliver faster treatment, greater comfort and high quality results


1 Damon self ligating braces: Eliminates the need for wires or ties, so you can experience treatment without tightening


Light, high tech shape-memory wires: Helps move teeth faster and also require fewer adjustments


Clinical Approach: A new treatment approach, aligning teeth but also enhancing your facial aesthetics – without extraction

Damon braces combine aesthetics and high-tech design to deliver great results for patients. Damon clear braces are made from a virtually clear, high-grade plastic making them less noticeable than metal braces. The high-tech bracket design allows the wire to be held in place without the need for brightly coloured rubber or wire ties, making them discreet and easier to keep clean. The advanced closure system and the unique Damon design also allows the teeth to move into their new positions with less friction than regular braces. The friction-free environment allows skilled orthodontists to move your teeth more efficiently, meaning that you will begin to see results sooner and often with less discomfort.

Damon Braces are an excellent treatment choice for teenagers and adults, and are only offered by specialist orthodontists. While a great treatment option, not all orthodontists offer the Damon System, but there are other self ligating brands, clear brackets like Clarity and Ice as well.

Advanced system for your teeth

The Damon system of braces and and clear braces, improve treatment for patient, save you time with less visits to the orthodontist while giving you fantastic results too.

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