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Patients experiences with orthodontics has improved significantly in recent years thanks to advanced technology. Convenience, comfort and results are just a few of the ways new technology is making patients live easier! Products like Invisalign and Incognito have revolutionised clear aligner treatment and lingual treatment respectively. Suresmile has revolutionised regular braces treatment by using 3D models of your mouth, advanced software and robotic precision wires. Most of these new treatment options all use 3D digital scans of your mouth, lessening the need for messy dental moulds. They all combine precise digital modelling to diagnose and plan your treatment and they all produce custom appliances made specifically for you by your doctor. It’s just as important as ever to see an experienced orthodontist as your doctor is in the driving seat. With all this technology, its no wonder that patients are the winners!

Invisalign can be all digital, a scan of your mouth is taken and loaded onto the orthodontist computer program called ClinCheck. Your orthodontist will assess the best ways for your teeth to move and simulate the end result. Once everyone is happy, the aligners are made by a 3D printer and shipped to your orthodontist ready for you to start treatment.

Suresmile uses a 3D Scan of your teeth, this is loaded into a special computer program and a 3D model is created. Your doctor uses this 3D model to diagnose and plan out the best ways for your teeth to move. Using the 3D model your doctor can show you different outcomes if you have a few treatment options to decide between. Once everyone is happy with the plan, suresmile archwires are fitted to your teeth. Suresmile uses robotic technology to bend precise and complex wires. This makes the wires more active and treatment can be efficient then hand bent wires. The wires are still design by your orthodontist just bent with micro-millimetre precision by a robot. Suresmile technology can be used for lingual braces or regular braces, has been proven to reduce treatment time by 33% and gets great results for adults or teenagers!

Incognito uses a 3D scan of your mouth to create a digital model. Your orthodontist uses the model to move your teeth and design your final smile. Once your results is finalised by your doctor, Incognito designs custom 24carat gold braces that fit perfectly on the inside of your teeth. The custom designed Incognito braces are only for lingual braces. Once fitted your orthodontist changes the wires every 6-10 weeks to keep your teeth moving. Incognito braces help to make wire changes much more comfortable than other types of lingual braces, the perfect fit also reduces any discomfort and the 24carat gold looks great!

Clear Correct like Invisalign uses 3D Scans and its own software to help the orthodontist plan your treatment. For the patient, the customised aligners are made for you based on your 3D scan and also the treatment your doctor prescribes. This digital technology helps patients visualise their results and see how many aligners treatment will take. Less noticeable, easy to clean and great results make Clear Correct custom aligners the perfect choice for virtually invisible treatment!

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3D Scanning


Orthodontic Technology has come along way with the use of 3D scanning equipment. Now it is possible to get a scan, have it loaded onto the computer and within 30 minutes you can now see your mouth on the screen and the Dr can show you what the final result will be!

In times gone by if you wanted to get Invisalign done, you would have had an impression done of your teeth, then a mould of your teeth would be made. That mould would either be sent directlyto Invisalign for them to create a 3D model and then the Dr could look at the model on computer. But the precision of the scan means that you get an accurate model, which they make your aligners from, all within 30 minutes!



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