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Normally it’s difficult to find out how much orthodontic treatment might be without taking time out of your busy day. The cost can vary depending on your concerns, the complexity and the type of treatment most suitable to you. This is where The Orthodontic Adviser can help! Create a Smile Profile to receive an online smile assessment; including treatment options, cost and time, before you go for your appointment.

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Treatment can range from $3,000 to $10,000, but this covers many different types of treatment. The most economical treatment is traditional metal braces. On the other end of the scale is lingual braces, which are generally the most expensive.
All other types of treatment sit somewhere in the middle and the cost will depend on how simple or complex your issues. If straight teeth are important but you’d like a few added features, like aesthetics or faster treatment, then you might expect to pay a little bit more.

Making it convenient and affordable

The best way to know what you’re up for is to create a Smile Profile and take advantage of our online assessment. Your Smile Profile will be assessed by a specialist orthodontist; you will receive treatment advice, cost and payment options based on your needs and priorities. Treatment can cost as little as $49 per week with a specialist orthodontist. Keep reading to learn more about how our doctors make care affordable. Medicare – Orthodontic treatment is not covered by Medicare

Private health insurance information


Orthodontic treatment is covered by private health insurance. Rebates available to you will depend on the level of cover you have. Some health funds pay higher rebates when you receive treatment from a specialist orthodontist.

Generally speaking orthodontics is included in the “extras” and waiting periods of approximately 1 year can apply if you have recently joined your health fund or upgraded your membership.

The Orthodontic Adviser recommends you contact your Private Health fund directly to determine the level of rebate you may be eligible for.

Flexible payment options

Our doctors realise everyone has a different budget. So to accommodate, all will offer flexible, interest free payment terms.

The aim is for treatment to be attainable and therefore it needs to be affordable.

If you’re serious to learn more, simply create a smile profile, let us know your concerns and priorities. One of our doctors will help you with a smile assessment and personal cost estimate.

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