ICE clear braces

ICE Clear Braces


ICE Clear Braces are one of the leading ceramic braces brands with their patented sapphire material making Inspire ICE the only crystal-clear braces available. They’re not only discreet, they’re virtually invisible.


Made with a patented smoothing process, Inspire ICE is made with the patient in mind providing maximum comfort.


Braces still offer the most predictable, affordable and time efficient orthodontic treatment, Inspire ICE makes it discrete as well.


Being the only crystal clear bracket in the market they will have less impact on your busy and active lifestyle.


Inspire ICE braces are covered by your Private health fund, just like regular braces or Invisalign.

Regular braces are still the tried and trusted treatment option, and along with Inspire ICE has made it a great Invisible option too. The crystal clear braces are made form a sapphire material making them virtually invisible. They match tooth colour more closely than a normal ceramic bracket and they don’t stain or colour over time either. For the most advanced clear bracket system it is hard to go past Inspire ICE.

Crystal clear

ICE clear braces (show along the top) are one of the most clear bracket alternatives available. With out any metal at all the difference is clear!

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