Going Incognito


Incognito braces are an advanced modern lingual brace appliance that has improved patient comfort and results, through the customisation of each bracket for your teeth.


Customisation: being individually designed and produced just for your teeth, enable the orthodontist to have greater control


Aesthetics: Being placed on the back of the tooth they are  virtually invisible from the outside.


Time: when used by an experienced orthodontist expect to see results quicker


Comfort: most patients experience less discomfort and speech interference and a shorter adjustment period too.

Lingual braces has become a popular treatment option and along with it Incognito braces. Having lingual treatment is the true invisible orthodontic option and Incognito has made treatment better for both the patient and the orthodontist. The customisation of each bracket specifically for each tooth along with the smooth edges and reduced profile, allows the patient to go through with treatment in more comfort. This same customisation allow the orthodontist to have more control over each tooth, and can move them in a predictable fashion.

Incognito brace are typically more expensive than regular braces, but the customisation, the control for the orthodontist and most importantly the invisible benefit, show its true value.

A great choice

Incognito is a great choice with young professionals that rely on having a less noticeable solution to straightening teeth. Highly effective, and they have the most obvious (or not?) aesthetic appeal. Of all the treatment types, seeing a trusted orthodontist will ensure you get the results you deserve with Incognito. Watch Sharon’s recent experience with Incognito and one of Doctors.

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