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My mum treated herself and got braces

My mum treated herself and got braces!


My mum continues to amaze me with her can do attitude and selfless approach to life. My mum, like some other mums I’m sure, has always put everyone else before herself. I’m yet to be a mother, but I already know the bar has been set very high. Not that mum makes a big deal about how much she does, quite the opposite actually. I’m sure she doesn’t realise for a minute how incredibly helpful and selfless she really is. Mum and dad ran their own business and everything they earned went into ensuring my brother and I had plenty of opportunities in life. As parents, their needs went way down on the priority list well after their teenage kids.

Now I’m not a teenager anymore and I have moved out, actually just got married, and my mum finally did something for herself. With the kids long gone it was really time for her; she got her teeth fixed. That’s right, for the first time in her life she treated herself to braces! Braces in your teens is challenging, in your 30’s would be a bit hard as well, but I couldn’t imagine getting braces for the first time in your 50’s. Anyway, mum did and the results have been amazing! Her bite had begun to bother her (a lot), she felt her teeth had shifted and worn down so much that it changed her smile and lip shape. My mum had braces on for just over 1 year and they came off in time for my wedding. The orthodontist did an amazing job and he worked closely with a prosthodontist to get her the best result possible. She had several small build-ups applied to her top and bottom front teeth to replace were they had worn, then the orthodontist used braces to line everything up. Mum is over the moon with the results, she can bite properly again and you see teeth when she smiles. What no one expected (except her orthodontist) was the change to her lips and smile shape. Her lips are fuller and she feels 10 years younger! Mum could have taken the quick fix and gotten veneers all over but no way would her result look as natural and beautiful. Also veneers would have cost 3 times as much and she would’ve been getting them done again in several years. By sticking it out with braces, mum has gotten a gorgeous result, filled out her lips and her teeth are now going to be healthy and look great for many years to come. I’m so proud of my mum for doing this for herself and so grateful to her orthodontist for his meticulous attention.

How do you feel when you smile?

“When I smile, I know my teeth aren’t straight, so I smile with my mouth closed. I always feel awkward in photos, my confidence has left me and I just don’t know where to start.”
Sue, 33, VIC

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