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Knowing your child has a problem (or not), can be challenging and orthodontists have trained specifically to be able to detect very subtle issues. Sometimes, what may seem like abnormal development to a parent can be harmless, but other less noticeable changes can easily go undetected. The ADA recommends that children see an orthodontist around the ages of 7 or 8. At this age, some baby teeth may still be present, however adult teeth will have begun to erupt and your orthodontist will be able to make a thorough assessment. Consulting your orthodontist early about your child’s teeth and jaw development is important and beneficial for many reasons.

Early Orthodontic Treatment for Children | Early Detection

Early detection

Early detection of any growth and development problems may be easily corrected if detected early

Orthodontic Treatment for Children | Early treatment

Early treatment

Outcomes for your children may be better if treated early rather than as a teenager or adult

Early Orthodontic Treatment for Children | Minor Treatment Can be Inexpensvie

Minor & inexpensive

Early treatment can be minor and inexpensive when potential problems are identified and rectified early

Early Orthodontic Treatment for Children | Peace of Mind

Peace of mind

You will be confident knowing that nothing has been missed for your child

– Phase 1 –


If your orthodontist determines a problem with how your child’s jaws are growing or how their teeth are erupting, there are things that can be done. If treatment is required at an early age this is called Phase 1 treatment.

Phase 1 treatments are designed to:

  • Guide the growth of the jaw to improve facial symmetry
  • Correct bad oral habits, like thumb sucking
  • Create room for adult teeth to erupt into favourable positions
  • Reduce the risk of trauma to protruding front teeth
  • Prevent more serious issues developing
  • Reduce the treatment time in braces later

Phase 1 treatment options your orthodontist may discuss:

  • Twin Block
  • Rapid Maxillary Expander or RME
  • Herbst
  • Reverse pull head hear
  • Habit breaker

– Treatment for –


For most kids, orthodontic treatment doesn’t start until they’re a teenager, around 12-14 yrs old and once the majority of adult teeth have erupted. Orthodontic treatment for teenagers works to align their teeth and bite and is called Comprehensive Treatment. But how do you know if your teenager needs orthodontic treatment? Maybe you noticed changes in your teenager’s teeth and smile or perhaps they’re becoming more self-conscious in photos. Here are some things to look out for that might mean your teenager needs orthodontic treatment:


Crocked front teeth



The appearance of “fangs”



Crowded teeth



Difficulty biting on their back teeth



Food falling out of their mouth when they eat



Top and bottom teeth not touching at the front



Large gaps between teeth


As a parent, you may remember when teenagers wore large bands around their teeth and bulky wires. Perhaps you wore them yourself? Well, good news, those days are gone! Teenagers are now able to choose from multiple treatment options that suit their orthodontic needs and lifestyle. Treatments today for teenagers are more discreet, comfortable and convenient than ever before, making both your life and theirs easier.

Orthodontics is not only about aesthetics, but bite and jaw function and the way your bite fits together. This is called your occlusion. Problems with you occlusion, otherwise known as a malocclusion, can lead to lifelong problems, pain and expense as an adult. Any concerns addressed as a child or teenager will be simpler and give you/your child a better result and healthy teeth for the long term.

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Your first visit for your child or teenage is your most important. Our orthodontists are friendly and approachable. Putting you at ease from the start, they will discuss your concerns and work with you to determine the best treatment plan for everyone. At the end of your consultation you will have an understanding of your different options, how long treatment may take and what costs are involved. You will also be comfortable knowing that all of our doctors offer interest free finance to help make treatment affordable.

All our orthodontist are well respected, lecture and share their knowledge within the orthodontic adviser group so you can be certain of having the best care for your child from the start. They make sure that the focus is on both you as a parent and your child as a patient. You don’t need a referral and while your family dentist can give good general information they will not have the experience and knowledge of an orthodontist. Contact us by email or phone and we will gladly offer some helpful advise and recommend an orthodontist close by.

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