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More and more adults are looking to improve their smile than ever before. This is in part due to people understanding the long term health benefits associated with straight teeth, but also because orthodontic treatment has become more accepted later in life. Some adults may not have been fortunate enough to receive orthodontic treatment as a child, or perhaps your teeth have moved slightly with age. Whatever the reason for requiring treatment, don’t let age be a barrier. You are never too old to improve your smile.


Lots of benefits

Treatment isn’t always as complicated as you might first expect. Not knowing what the process would be, what type of treatment would suit, how long it might take and what the cost would be are enough to make anyone run and hide. Don’t let the unknown, keep you from experiencing a life changing smile.



Orthodontics has changed a lot in recent years, making the entire experience for adults more comfortable and convenient. Different treatment options exist such as Invisalign, or lingual braces that are more discreet than traditional braces. Invisalign treatment can be removed temporarily to eat therefore can have even less impact on your daily life. Everyone will have different priorities, so seeking personal advice is important to discover what’s right for you.

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The Orthodontic Adviser can help with making informed decisions conveniently. Our doctor’s realise that adults needs differ to those of children and we assure you an exceptional experience from the moment you make an inquiry. Go on, you won’t regret it.


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How do you feel when you smile?

“Being a guy I’m embarrassed to see someone and not sure what to ask. My teeth have always bothered me, but I know if I can have a great smile it will change so many things for me.”
Paul, 25, QLD

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