Suresmile, high-tech, digital design by your orthodontist


Suresmile treatment will look much like regular braces to you, however behind the scenes your orthodontist is using the latest 3D software to diagnose and design your smile. Suresmile allows your orthodontist to see your teeth from all angles so they don’t miss a thing when planning how your teeth will move.

With this added technology, treatment times can be reduced significantly, by up to 30% for many patients. For some patients this will mean braces off in 9months. Suresmile technology can also be an advantage for adults whom require complex treatment and aren’t suitable for Invisalign. You may have to wear braces, but you may not have to wear them for as long.

Suresmile Advantages

  • SHORTER TREATMENT TIME: Studies show that Suresmile can reduce treatment time by up to 30%. This happens because your orthodontist plans the shortest distance for your teeth to move using the accurate 3D model
  • DIGITAL PRECISION: For complicated treatments Suresmile is a precise way for your orthodontist to plan and deliver treatment. Your orthodontist can simulate the tooth movements in 3D to ensure the best end result
  • CONVENIENT: Once in place, your Suresmile wires can work for up to 12 weeks without needing to be adjusted. This may mean fewer appointments with your orthodontist and less impact to your busy schedule.

Suresmile Disadvantages

  • LOOK AND FEEL LIKE BRACES: While Suresmile uses advanced technologies to plan treatment you still need to have braces and wires fitted

The Suresmile process


The initial part of your journey will remain the same, along the way your doctor will decide when you are ready to begin the Suresmile steps. First, you will have a 3D scan completed and approximately 6 weeks later your Suresmile wires will arrive at the practice. During this time your orthodontist will have completed lots of planning. He or she will use a digital model of your teeth to accurately and precisely design your smile, within 1/10 of a millimetre.

Once your robotic wires are placed your doctor will monitor your progress and your journey to braces off will continue as normal. Suresmile technology can be used for braces on the front (labial braces) or backside (lingual braces) of your teeth and you will still have the options to wear ceramic or plastic braces with your Suresmile treatment.

For the smile you want

After 3D design by your doctor, Suresmile uses high tech robots to accurately bend your archwires. Each archwire is custom bent just for you and when fitted by your orthodontist your teeth will more precisely toward the end position.

Depending on how far you teeth need to move, your doctor may use more than one Suresmile wire. At any you’re your orthodontist can make refinements to your treatment and order new robotic Suresmile wires to ensure you get the best results in efficient time.


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