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Why choose The Orthodontic Advisor?


We make the whole process simpler and more convenient. At The Orthodontic Adviser we take the hassle out of finding facts. You are assured of unbiased advice and you’ll be in the hands of a trusted orthodontist.

Our doctors are leaders in their fields and many lecture to their peers and colleagues on various treatment options. If you are considering treatment, why not use our service? You are guaranteed to see an orthodontist who is driven by high standards of care and quality results, and will prioritise you and your experience over everything else. The main advantages of working with The Orthodontic Advisor are:


Leverage our Smile Profile and network of orthodontists to save time and get the best advice for you.


We work with you to ensure you have all the facts, and can guide you through the process to ensure you achieve the smile you want.


A consultation with The Orthodontic Advisor is FREE! We’re here to provide unbiased advice and ensure you make the right decision for you.


Free Smile Assessment

The smart choice


The team at The Orthodontic Adviser realise that life is busy and busy people want the facts fast, without compromising service. So whether you use our services to learn everything you need to know before making a trusted decision, or you simply contact one of our members directly; we don’t mind because either way you will be in the best hands.

Why choose our doctors

The Orthodontic Adviser doctors are a group of practitioners connected across Australia by their drive for quality results and positive patient experiences. Doctors join the group because they are committed to providing patients with beautiful smiles.

Trusted orthodontists

You should always see a specialist, qualified orthodontist for advice and about moving your teeth. Many of our orthodontists are speakers and educate their colleagues, nationally and internationally on different treatment techniques and technologies.

They kindly provide educational material and advice specifically for The Orthodontic Adviser group. The Orthodontic Adviser hosts regular events for members to share treatment knowledge and learn from each other’s experiences.

Our doctors share knowledge

Our doctors value your time and appreciate the investment you make throughout this journey. Each doctor and their skilled teams are committed to delivering life changing smiles and enjoyable experiences for all their patients.

You can learn about each of our doctors on the Doctor Profile page and get to know them and their staff better by visiting their websites.


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How do you feel when you smile?

“When I smile, I know my teeth aren’t straight, so I smile with my mouth closed. I always feel awkward in photos, my confidence has left me and I just don’t know where to start.”
Sue, 33, VIC

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